You've got questions, we've got answers. 


How does the remote work?
The remote connects via Bluetooth to an application on your smart phone. When you click the button twice, the remote sends a signal to the app on your phone. The app then collects your GPS location info and sends that, along with your personal profile to the Guard Llama dispatch center.

How much does it cost?
$9.95 per month.

Who should sign up?
Everyone. The Guard Llama system is an effective personal safety for all people in all walks of life, from real estate agents to college students to dog walkers.

What makes Guard Llama better than it's competitors?
Guard Llama's patented system is the only one of its kind. Most personal safety systems and smartphone applications send an alert to a user's friends and family members only. In a true emergency, we know that every second counts. That's why we contact the police immediately after you activate an alarm. 

Shouldn't I just call 911 in an emergency?
911 can be a great resource if you have the time and ability to find your phone, unlock it, dial 911 and talk to a dispatcher. In most emergencies, however, the circumstances don't allow people this opportunity. Additionally, most people don't know that 911 cannot immediately locate callers that are using a cell phone. Guard Llama eliminates the need for a lengthy phone call and also sends a users exact GPS location to police dispatchers. 

Do I have to keep the Bluetooth on my phone on all the time?
In order to activate an alarm with your personal security remote, Bluetooth must be enabled. Your Guard Llama personal security remote is a low energy Bluetooth device and only consumes battery when activated. Therefore, you will not see a drastic impact on the battery life of your cell phone. 

Where does Guard Llama work?
The Guard Llama system works in all 50 states.

Is my personal information safe?
Your personal information remains private and confidential. It is only shared with emergency responders so they can identify you in a time of need. 

Is my location always being tracked?
No, we only access your GPS location information if you activate an alarm. When help arrives and the situation has been resolved, you can enter your 4-digit pin and reset the system

What happens if I don't have cell service?
Guard Llama's system has inherent 99.9% redundancy, working off of data and voice network. If one fails, the alert will automatically be sent through another channel continuously until our dispatch center receives the alert. 

How accurate is the GPS tracking technology?
Our system can accurately track your GPS location within 9 feet.

What if my phone is off?
Just like with any other app, our system will not work if your phone is off. 

Does the remote work without a phone?
The remote needs to be within about 150 feet of your smart phone in order for the system to work.

What happens if I activate an alarm accidentally?
If you accidentally activate an alarm, simply enter your preset 4-digit disarm pin on the smart phone app. 

How long does the battery in the remote last?
The battery will last a minimum of 4-5 years. If your device stops working at any time, contact us and we'll send a replacement remote at no cost to you.

How do I setup my device once I receive it?
Please click here for step-by-step directions on setting up your system. 

What happens if my device stops working?
Contact support at or call 855-423-0066.