Our History

Guard Llama launched in 2015 with a mission to change the way customers think about personal security. Born in the wake of the murder of Toni Keller, a classmate of founders Joe & Adam at Northern Illinois University, Guard Llama was designed to allow discrete contact of police during high-stress and life threatening situations. With two clicks,  police lock into your location, reducing response times by up to 80%.
“Adam and I both witnessed two very impactful criminal experiences while in college at NIU which inspired us to develop Guard Llama,” noted CEO and co-founder Joe Parisi. “We realized there was a need for a personal safety device that could solve the shortcomings of cellphone-based 911 help.”
Guard Llama’s growth comes at a necessary time in the personal-security industry. We offer panic buttons that work with cell phones or wall hubs – serving both people on the move and employees working in a hotel or office.  More than ever, the technology and service that Guard Llama brings to the table is crucial in the private sectors quest to assist emergency responders.

“Guard Llama is the only personal security app on the market to directly connect users with law enforcement and provide the specific information we do,” noted Adam Havey, Vice President of Sales and co-founder of Guard Llama. “When every second counts, we’re providing a more efficient option for our users to stay safe and quickly connect with police.”
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What in the world is a guard llama?

The guard llama we brought onto Shark Tank

Guard llamas are specially selected to protect herds of sheep and goats. In fact, they’ve been stealing jobs from guard dogs for decades.

Guard llamas bond quickly to their companions and become exceedingly protective of them. There is no extended training period or getting-to-know-one-another phase. These devoted, mild-mannered llamas wander around watching over their flock quietly and happily. Until, that is, their protection skills are needed.

Just like your Guard Llama, living guard llamas mean business when danger is near. (Unlike your Guard Llama, they may let out a truly odd warning call like a rusty hinge.) They investigate a strange animal as if they want to smell it, then strike. This part isn’t cute or cuddly, involving the llama’s front legs “windmilling” on the stranger. But it is highly effective. Luckily, often just a staredown from a 6-foot tall llama sends an unwanted predator packing.