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Free Anti-harassment Training for Property Management Teams

Free Anti-harassment Training for Property Management Teams

2017 was rife with sexual misconduct allegations — and property management companies were no exception. Since last January, the Department of Justice has awarded over $1 million in settlements to several sexual harassment victims. Creating a strong precedent for the enforcement of the Fair Housing Act’s sexual discrimination policy.

In the wake of these settlements comes a new initiative from the DOJ which specifically seeks to protect women from harassment by “landlords, property managers, maintenance workers, security guards, and other employees and representatives of rental property owners.*”  

The recent settlements and new initiative have many property management organizations looking for a solution to this growing problem. While there are several actions companies can take to help combat sexual misconduct against tenants and employees, many companies are still relying on an optimism bias — they simply hope it won’t happen to them.

Education is the first step in preventing these situations from happening, and protecting tenants and personnel. Grace Hill, a market leader in compliance for the property management industry, has graciously provided free sexual harassment training**. This training is for anyone in the industry – landlords, property managers, maintenance personnel, etc. will all benefit from delving into this free course.

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* Department of Justice (DOJ) regulatory site:

** Grace Hill Harassment Training