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Keeping Mothers Safe

Keeping Mothers Safe

Motherhood brings joy, love, and much happiness along with new safety challenges. The three stages of motherhood; new mother, mother of teens and grandmother, all present unique safety challenges. We have some suggestions for all three stages.

One of our customers told a story about how having a baby made her feel more vulnerable. She was putting gas in her car and was approached by a stranger. She realized she couldn’t run away because her baby was fastened in car seat – which was too large and awkward to carry while running. Her perspective on safety was changed.

Here are some tips for new mothers:

  1. Be Aware – If you notice that you are going to be in a poorly lit area, a stairwell, walking alone in a parking lot, or any possible uncomfortable situation, be aware! True self-defense is being aware of yourself, your surroundings, and potential attackers. Find another route or pull out your Guard Llama key fob.
  2. Eye Contact – If you are walking alone or walking with your little ones, it’s so easy to be distracted by what your child or children are doing. It’s important though to keep your eyes up and to be alert. You want to look up and make eye contact with the people around you. An attacker wants you to be distracted, to catch you off guard and have you looking down. He/she doesn’t want you to know details of what they look like.
  3. Self-defense classes – Taking self-defense classes will not only improve your ability to protect yourself, but also improve your ability to identify dangerous situations. Look into signing up for a class near you!

Guard Llama’s easy to carry panic button let’s you call emergency services with a push of a button and dispatches those services to your exact location with your picture. Guard Llama is faster than 911 because we can locate you using the GPS on your phone – 911 only knows the location of the cell tower you phone used so they have to have a long conversation with you to figure out where you are.

When its time to keep you and your child safe – reach for Guard Llama!