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Managing the Risk of Test Drives

Managing the Risk of Test Drives

Are you sales people nervous about test drives? Do they sit around reading blogs with names like Reddit Test Drive Horror Stories? When the weather is bad – do you lose sleep worrying about the next day’s test-drives? Did you know that 30% of car accident victims are people outside of the car like pedestrians or cyclists? *

In this article we’ll provide some resources and tips for keeping your salespeople and customers safer on test drives.

Matt Anderson wrote a great article on Dealer test drive liability for Digital Dealer Magazine. In it he noted that the although dealerships would like to get a potential buyer’s insurance information and other details before the drive – they don’t – because it turns off too many potential buyers.

So your sales people may be getting into cars with drivers who:

  • don’t have insurance,
  • have a dodgy driving history or
  • are on a medication that makes them unreliable drivers

Let’s add in a few other risk factors affecting your customer:

  • they’re unfamiliar with the car
  • they may get distracted by family members / friends riding along
  • they’re trying to talk to your sales person while driving
  • weather, other drivers and road hazards

Here are some things you control:

  • Helping the customer focus on the road by keeping conversation lighter – save the money talk and the engine specs for the post-drive conversation.
  • Engaging friends and family members in conversation so the driver is free to focus. Sit in the back with smaller children and provide them with an inexpensive toy
  • When the weather is bad, drive the customer to a safer test drive location like a residential street, large parking lot or park.
  • Provide emergency alert buttons to your sales people so they can quickly call life-saving emergency services in case of an accident.

About Guard Llama

Guard Llama provides your sales team with a key fob that calls emergency services when they push the button. Instead of fumbling for a cell phone, dialing 911 and spending time giving 911 their location — your reps push a button to call for help. Guard Llama also gives police their location within 9 feet because we use enhanced GPS tracking.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our customer who was in an accident.

“Huge Huge Thank you – I have Guard Llama and was recently in an automobile accident. Luckily I was not hurt, just shook up, but my car was severely damaged. I pressed the button on my phone and Guard Llama called me and sent ambulance and police to my exact spot.

Pam, Madison, WI

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