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Safety Tips for Runners

Safety Tips for Runners

Being “in the zone” is great for body and mind—and it’s imperative if you’re competing. But it also means you may not be paying as much attention to your surroundings as you otherwise might.

Guard Llama is a great exercise partner for many reasons:

  • Attach it nearly anywhere—or even hold it right in your hand for instant access
  • Your medical info—along with your photo and exact location—is sent to police, so they have all the information they need in a health emergency
  • It’s as easy to use in the night as it is during the daytime

In addition, there are a number of key steps you can take to stay safe:

Never leave the house, day or night, without telling at someone where you will be.

  • Turn down (or off) the tunes. These are some situations in which you absolutely should not be listening to music:
    • Alone, at night. When your vision is impaired by darkness, you need your ears to tell you what is in front of you and behind you.
    • On a street or bike path, especially a street with a limited shoulder. If you can’t hear bikers or other people coming up on you from behind, the results can be disastrous.
    Any time that cars, dogs, or attackers may be a threat.
    • Consider running with pepper spray
    • Take extra precautions at night:
      • Buy, and use, a headlamp. They let cars and other pedestrians know where you are and help you see what’s ahead. Also, light reflective colors are a must.
      • Stick to what you know. The last thing you want at night is to be lost on an unfamiliar road or trail with no way home.
    • Switch up your routine:
      • If you do a counter-clockwise loop around, switch the direction every few days or so.
      • Try going an hour earlier or later than you normally do and alternate starting times.

    Try out new routes or trails