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Top 4 Hazards for Insurance Agents and Claims Adjustors

Top 4 Hazards for Insurance Agents and Claims Adjustors

When disaster strikes the insurance agent or claims adjustor is often the second person on the scene – right behind emergency services. When a house is destroyed or damaged, the adjustor quickly assesses the damage and processes a claim to help the homeowner start down the path to recovery.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go smoothly, the adjustor may encounter hazards like looters, distressed animals or downed wires that result in their injury.

According to Insurance Thought Leadership adjustors should watch for four hazards:

  1. Attacks by claimants, looters or neighbors – this includes auto theft and muggings.
  2. Falls –  slips, trips and falls are the second most common sources of injuries. Falls from ladders are one of the most prevalent causes of these injuries. For example, water from firefighting or burst pipes may turn to ice, stairs look sturdy then collapse or its hard to find a level surface for a ladder.
  3. Electrical – electrical lines may be severed but still live, standing water may transmit electrical shock or circuit breakers may not work.
  4. Animals – wild animals like snakes or spiders may move into an overgrown yard or abandoned building. The owner’s pet may be injured, confused or afraid and bite the adjuster.

Safety tips for insurance agents include filing a visit plan with your office, checking in at appointed times with the office, wearing sturdy boots and carrying pepper spray to defend yourself agains people or animals.

Guard Llama’s emergency dispatch panic button provides an extra layer of protection. If you fall, are attacked or find electrical problems just push the button to summon emergency services. Our service geo-locates you within 9 feet – which includes vertical, so police know if you’re in the basement or the second floor. Plus, responders get your picture so they know you’re the victim.

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