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Violence & Aggression Against Legal Professionals

Violence & Aggression Against Legal Professionals

The State Bar of Wisconsin published a very good article titled The Threat of Violence based on a study done by Stephen D. Kelson a partner at Christensen & Jensen PC in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We were surprised to learn:

  • “Acts of violence reported by attorneys in these state surveys include numerous shootings, stabbings, assaults, and batteries, as well as vandalism to businesses and personal property.”
  • “The numerous threats of violence included stalking, phone calls, written letters, emails, texts, online posts, verbal threats of physical violence and death threats, and even attempts to hire contract killers to kill attorneys and judges.”

In response, the Wisconsin State Bar recommended legal staff develop a 5-point safety plan including:

  1. preparing and actively reviewing action plans to summon assistance when necessary;
  2. controlling access to the work environment;
  3. developing notification procedures in case of a violent situation;
  4. knowing how to defuse a potentially violent situation; and
  5. recognizing the exceptional occasions when physical action may be a necessary solution.

Guard Llama’s emergency dispatch panic button is a key chain fob that works with an app on your smartphone or a wall hub to silently call for help and alert your co-workers, friends or family that you’re in danger. Once you press the button on the fob, our emergency dispatch center sends the police to your exact location – within 9 feet, including vertical, so the police know what floor you’re on and where you are on that floor. In addition, police get your picture so they know who they need to protect.

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