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Know Your Customer – Before You Meet Them!

Adam Havey

Its February – listings and showings are picking up as we move into the busy spring selling season. Unfortunately, its’ still dark by early evening when buyers are free to look at homes so the risk of accidents and attacks is at its highest. Before showing a home to a new buyer – verify their identity.

We like an inexpensive service from BeenVerified which allows you to verify the identity of your potential buyers for a small monthly fee. The report includes information about homes they’ve bought in the past – often giving you a sense of their price range — and criminal convictions to help you stay safe. The report also verifies their contact information – in case someone is posing as a buyer in order to gain access to the home.

BeenVerified and similar sites are part of a good showing safety plan that includes protecting yourself against people and accidents. Other key elements of your showing safety plan should include:

  • When showing to a new buyer – verify their identity
  • Make sure your showing schedule is updated with your office – including information on prospective buyers
  • Install a light app on your cell phone so you don’t trip or fall in the dark. Remember, over 95% of emergency calls from Realtors are for falls and other injuries from inanimate objects.
  • Wear white or reflective clothing if you need to walk along the street or park a distance from the showing
  • Be aware of your surroundings – don’t let conversation with prospective buyers distract you
  • If you’re showing an empty house, see our article on empty house safety tips
  • Be prepared to call emergency services if you or your buyer need help

Guard Llama’s key fob and app allow you to call emergency services with a  button push. When you alert, our dispatch center calls you – and if you don’t answer – they send the police. Plus, the police get your location within 9 feet – including vertical – so they know if you’re in the basement or the 10th floor. As an added benefit, the police get your picture and any important medical information about you – allowing them to both locate and treat you faster.


Adam Havey Co-Founder
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