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Is Your Office Secure?

Adam Havey

If your business welcomes the public, you know that comes with risks – an inappropriate or angry customer may frighten your employees, damage your property or discourage other customers from doing business with you. Here are tips for coping with angry customers followed by information about our new Office Safety product – a silent Panic Button.

Tips for Handling Angry Customers

Forbes Magazine suggests seven steps for dealing with an angry customer:

  • Remain calm
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Use your best listening skills
  • Actively sympathize
  • Apologize gracefully
  • Find a solution
  • Take a few minutes on your own before returning to work

These are great tips and we hope you’ll read the article to learn more details – however, there are times these coping skills don’t work and the situation escalates.

Guard Llama’s Office Panic Button System

Guard Llama’s new Office Safety package is the perfect solution when you or your employees need outside help fast. Just like our personal security solution, your team members carry panic buttons they can pin to their shirts or attach to their key rings. Those fobs communicate with a small hub that plugs into any outlet. When the panic button is pressed, the wall hub picks up the signal and transmits a distress call to our 24/7 dispatch service. Dispatch then sends the police to your business – with your employee’s exact location.

For example, imagine a store front business with a receptionist or cashier. A customer becomes angry and threatens the employee. Instead of fumbling for a cell phone and dialing 911, the employee just presses their emergency button. The button silently alerts emergency service – so help is on the way.

Silent alarms like Guard Llama are ideal for office environments where an attacker will likely be between your employee and the door. When employees pull out phones to call 911, violence can escalate quickly as the attacker tries to prevent the call. The Guard Llama panic button looks like a key fob and is silent – preventing escalation.

To learn more about how Guard Llama’s Office Safety solution can help your business contact [email protected]


Adam Havey Co-Founder
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