Guard Llama

Business Solutions

Guard Llama’s solution for businesses pairs a Wall Hub with a Panic Button to provide 24/7 emergency services dispatch for your office, hotel or store. The Wall Hub plugs into any outlet – no construction needed! To install, just plug it in, connect it to your wi-fi and wirelessly pair the Panic Button.

One Wall Hub and Panic Button pair protect a radius of 150 feet.

Pricing starts at $499 for one Wall Hub and Panic Button set – contact to order — or learn about bulk pricing discounts if you need more than one set.

How it Works

  1. When you employee presses the Panic Button, it silently alerts our 24/7 emergency dispatch service via the Wall Hub.
  2. Our dispatcher can call the police or your security team.
  3. Police are sent the Panic Button’s exact location and can send a picture of your employee plus other information to your security or the Police.
  4. If you use more than one Wall Hub, the Hubs triangulate the Panic Button’s location for an even clearer picture of your employee’s location.

Get Help Fast

Imagine a store front business with a receptionist or cashier. A customer becomes angry and threatens the employee. Instead of fumbling for a cell phone and dialing 911, the employee just presses their emergency button. The button silently alerts emergency service – so help is on the way.

Silent alarms like Guard Llama are ideal for office environments where an attacker will likely be between your employee and the door. When employees pull out phones to call 911, violence can escalate quickly as the attacker tries to prevent the call. The Guard Llama panic button looks like a key fob and is silent – preventing escalation.