Guard Llama

Testimonials from our customers

image descriptionRealtors

Where to start? Every open house I do. As a realtor, I meet a lot of strangers at vacant properties, but with Guard Llama I don’t mind. Walk in the forest preserve? Can do! I recommend to friends with kids at college. I recommend to friends with kids who have moved back to Chicago and are in their first apartment. Fantastic product- peace of mind is priceless. - Grace, Evanston, IL

  • image descriptionCaring for a Special Needs Child

    We are happy with Guard Llama for personal safety but also for our daughter's medical condition....knowing when she's with us, if she needs emergency assistance, it's 2 clicks away. The Guard Llama team has her medical info so that if she can't talk during a 911 call, they can do the talking for her. Thanks, Guard Llama!! -Brendan

  • image description Car Accident

    "Huge Huge Thank you - I have Guardllama and was recently in an automobile accident. Luckily I was not hurt, just shook up, but my car was severely damaged. I pressed the button on my phone and guardllama called me and sent ambulance and police to my exact spot. I was on a country road and had no idea who to call for help. Thank you so much for your help. I work for RE/MAX Excellence in Elkhart, IN and shared my experience with my fellow employees. My broker owners were thrilled to know the system works when we need it. This is my 2nd year with guardllama and my first time to need it. So happy to know it works so well. Many thanks again." - Pam

  • image descriptionWalking the Dog

    The product is awesome! I had researched a bunch of different options before purchasing. I love that I can use it on the app if I don't have my keys or with the button on my keychain. I am in real estate so it makes so much sense for safety and peace of mind, but I use it to walk the dog at night or anytime I am in unfamiliar areas. - Wendy

  • image descriptionLoved Ones

    Did lots of research to find this device for my daughter. I loved the procedure they use to prevent false alarm. And how police can locate the user based in gps coordinates and altitude. - Brion