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911 Fails to Find Child Trapped in Car

Adam Havey

Recently, a 16 year-old teen died in his family’s mini-van despite repeatedly calling 911. Police couldn’t find him because 911 only knew which cell tower was used and he wasn’t visible through the car windows. The teen used Siri to voice activate two calls to 911 over a period of three hours. In both calls he begs them for help — but they couldn’t find him. Six hours later, his parents found his body in the car.

This is a terrible story and its exactly why we invented and sell Guard Llama. With Guard Llama, the police know your location within 9 feet. Guard Llama would have drawn a circle around the van and the child might have lived. You can activate Guard Llama by pressing a button on it’s key fob or by enabling the app on your phone. Then Guard Llama’s dispatch center will send emergency services to your exact location.

Here’s a link to one of articles about the teen –>¬†Teen dies despite calling 911

Adam Havey Co-Founder
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