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Caseworkers are employed by healthcare and social assistance industries as well as the government to provide assistance and counseling to at-risk populations, such as children from troubled homes, those with serious illness or senior citizens in retirement communities. Caseworkers meet with their clients on a regular basis to assess how they’re managing their circumstances. They help their clients make connections to available community resources, employers and friends in order to provide them with a support network.

Because caseworkers work for larger organizations, they must coordinate their clients’ care with their superiors and report progress updates. Other job duties may include performing psychosocial evaluations, scheduling home visitations, making referrals and reporting abuse. Caseworker jobs frequently require professionals to travel to clients’ homes; this may include visiting some potentially less-than-ideal or unwelcoming environments.

Guard Llama helps keep case workers safe during visits and provides a fast way to call help if a client needs medical attention.

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